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The Price To Be Paid

All hell is about to break loose in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a highly volatile but resource rich nation in the centre of Africa . Surrounded by countries torn apart by civil wars, fought over by warlords, it will become the epicenter of a catastrophic power struggle, ensnaring those very forces committed to protecting it. A powerful, secretive consortium has arranged a deadly pact between themselves, local warlords, and a ruthless billionaire to overtake the DRC. In the name of stabilizing the region, they will claim for themselves the riches and the territory. There will be no resistance, no interference, because everyone will get what they want. Things do not go according to plan, however, when the forces unleashed act on their own agenda. Genocide looms as a bloody civil war threatens to spill across the borders. And three people will be drawn together to be torn apart.

Frustrated and cynical, foreign affairs official Jeffrey Ward has hit the wall. His ambition far exceeds his grasp in the docile world of Canadian politics. Then Jeff is presented with the opportunity he's been waiting for - to finally enter the international playing field. But the cost is high - if things go wrong, Jeff will lose everything that matters to him, personally and professionally. Jeff must now safeguard the deadly secrets of the Consortium as his own. But two people will stand in his way.

Dr. Sara Collins is a respected Canadian consultant to the UN in Darfur . She has learned how the system works so that she can work the system to make a difference. Her past with Jeff is complicated. Sara trusts Jeff with her life; she would have given him her heart until he married someone else. Sara can see the conflict brewing across the border in the DRC. Stories of atrocities and terror pour in with new refugees. While alarm bells should be sounding across the globe, not even her reports and recommendations are being met. No major power is willing to put itself on the line. Deliberately putting herself in harm's way, Sara counts on Jeff to rally international support and intervention, before it's too late.

Nicolai Radchikov is an elusive arms dealer who has come to value those things money cannot buy. Working out of Africa was the only way he could leave behind the violent world of the Russian Mafia, and Nicolai cherishes his freedom and autonomy. Guns have only ever been the means to an end, so he carefully selects his clientele. Nicolai understands only too well the impact his decisions make on the lives around him. He balances profit with penance, helping aid and relief missions. Blindsided by the Consortium's chaos, he begins piecing together the puzzle. His quest takes him to Sara, who seeks his help during a crisis, and an unlikely alliance is forged. But his involvement with her pits him directly against Jeff and a powerful nemesis. As Nicolai works to unravel the truth about Jeff and the Consortium, the connection between him and Sara grows stronger.

One man's fall from grace will become another's redemption. With the woman they both love caught up in a web of treachery, deceit, and betrayal, all three are plunged into the ultimate nightmare of man's inhumanity to man, and they are the price to be paid.




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