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Series: Hart Jones, DEA

Mara Santos is stunning, educated, resourceful and the desperate wife of ruthless Cartel kingpin Domingo Santos. Damaged and damned, she is ready to do anything to escape the pain of her life with Santos . Even helping put him behind bars.

Hart Jones heads up an elite department within Miami DEA. At 35, he is at the top of his game, steadily chalking up wins against the local drug lords, but it isn't enough. Hart blames himself for a deadly shootout that happened five years ago, in a failed attempt to take down Santos . Hart lost his brother and his best friend that day. He won't let go of the guilt or the grief until he finally brings down the man who pulled the trigger.

Mara, too, is haunted by her guilt from that day. She was at Dom's side when he took out the two DEA agents. She cannot forget Hart's scathing indictment of her association with Dom. Seeking redemption, Mara puts together a dangerous plan that will buy her freedom as it hands over Dom and the Cartel to the Feds. She approaches Hart as a mystery informant with valuable information about the Cartel. Mara knows the risk she is taking. She cannot trust anyone. She goes to Hart - the one man Dom cannot intimidate or buy. But there are a lot of powerful and dangerous people on Dom's payroll. Eyes and ears who keep Dom one step ahead. People Hart knows but should no longer trust. When Mara's true identity is revealed, she must prove herself to the man who condemned her, and everyone else.

Mara is the last thing Hart expected but exactly who he needs. She has the details about Dom's elaborate plan to create a new drug route through the Caribbean . As Mara and Hart ally against Dom, a deeper bond forms. But the stakes are too high for Dom and the Cartel to lose. Dom strikes back hard at the DEA, and the body count soars. Running low on time, luck and manpower, Hart must confront the unthinkable as he works to stop the Cartel's plans and keep Mara safe from the man who would destroy them both.

It's more than revenge when a ruthless Colombian kingpin leads a Mexican cartel against the DEA agent who cost him everything. Ex-Colombian druglord Domingo Santos is back. He lost way more than his money could buy when Hart Jones blew his Miami project to pieces. But Dom has found a deadly new game to play in Mexico. And he only plays to win.

Hart has more at stake now, and he's been waiting for this grudge match to continue. His involvement with Mara Santos, Dom's ex-wife, has grown much deeper than either expected, despite many people's disapproval. Hart doesn't care. He would fight to the death for her, because she's gone that far for him, and they both know Dom is coming back for them. They just don't know when.

In response to the surge of violence along the border by the cartels, Hart is sent to El Paso to head up an elite team. As factions form and loyalties shift, the most powerful cartels stake their claim to control the drug trade in Mexico and a terrifying new force emerges. Los Zetas are brutal killers equipped with combat training, and have already conquered the Gulf Coast under their former masters. Feared and fearless, they are predators that have no enemies.

As the cartels battle for control, Dom fires the first shot in his own war. He's going to take back what was taken from him, and he's bringing some powerful new friends into his fight. He's joined forces with the most vicious drug cartel to emerge. Together Mexico is theirs for the taking, and they've sent Hart his own personal invitation to join the fun.

Penance, punishment, and redemption. Hart and the team are licking their wounds, recovering from what went down in Juarez with Dom and Los Zetas. They're getting ready because they know there's going to be a round two. There are just more scores to be settled, and Dom is as good as dead when Hart and Dan get hold of him.

A whole lot of changes are in store for the team while they recover, personally and at the agency. Heads are rolling from Capitol Hill on down as justice is served up to those responsible for the corruption that let Dom in, again. As Hart and Mara try to move forward and prepare for the baby, Dan is fighting his own inner war with grief and anger as he searches for Alanna, because he cannot give up on her, or them.

With Mexico in chaos, as the cartels battle for control, some unwanted guests decide it's time to make their move. Seeking to use the strategic network of narcotunnels along the border between the US and Mexico, they invite Dom into an "Unholy Alliance" to serve their purposes.And they won't take no for an answer.

What happens when terrorism meets narcoterrorism? When Al Quaeda brings their war to America's doorstep, ensnaring a masterful drug kingpin and the most vicious cartel in Mexico? For Hart and now Dan, the fight against Dom and the cartels has taken a personal toll. But it's about to take them both up against an adversary they never imagined, and send them the help they need from the last person they ever expected.




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Series: Hart Jones, DEA
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