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It is almost 2013, the eve of withdrawal by international forces from Afghanistan , and the world is holding its breath. With the Taliban still entrenched, the region is a hotbed, India and Pakistan ready to fight over the territory. Willing to do the unthinkable to prevent the unthinkable, a powerful group within the American Government has rethought the Exit Strategy and put their own in place.

In the wrong place, at the wrong time, veteran Special Ops agent Mike Callaghan and his team become the collateral damage of another deadly covert op. However, they provide a convenient cover for something else. As the only survivor, Mike is set up to take the fall. Still recovering from his own wounds, mourning the deaths of his fallen comrades, Mike is brought back stateside to face serious charges. The friends he has cannot help him, and those higher in power will not believe he is innocent. He has been condemned by the man who brought him on board and who runs the show, Senator William Harding. Determined not to spend life in prison for crimes he didn't commit, Mikes makes his move and runs.

Labelled a rogue agent, his file marked Eliminate On Sight, Mike has lost everything: his team, his career, his whole world. Mike is now a black ops specialist who cannot come in from the cold. But those whose secret he knows and now must reveal are in deadly pursuit and will not stop until he is eliminated. Mike makes a desperate midnight run north and crosses the border into Canada .

Battered and broken, Mike collapses on the doorstep of Hadley Owens, a foreign policy analyst and right hand to the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs. Hadley has her own harrowing past, one she can never leave behind. She recognizes Mike as someone on the run, someone like her. Reluctant to put Hadley at risk, but with nowhere left to run, Mike is forced to reveal his dangerous secret. What he knows could topple a government if revealed; it means certain death to a nation if not. In return for her refuge and help, Hadley seeks Mike's protection against the man who won't stop hunting her.

Hadley knows the one person who would hear Mike's story, and act on it. As the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and a Muslim, Naveed Khan has the support of a lot of people, and the power to make big changes. Khan is also Hadley's boss, the man who helped bring her through a personal nightmare, and who still watches over her. Using her connections to help Mike comes at great risk. Hadley stands to lose much more than her career if they cannot prove Mike's allegations.

The withdrawal date looms, regional tensions mount, and time is running out for everyone. As Mike scrambles to assemble the proof he needs half a world away, the powers in Washington take desperate measures to cover their tracks, digging deep into Hadley's past to elicit the services of a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Mike must keep himself and Hadley alive long enough to meet with Khan. Then they must bring to light a terrifying truth before intervention becomes impossible.



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