Series: Hart Jones, DEA

Book 1: What Goes Around

Book 2: No Borders, No Boundaries

Book 3: Unholy Alliance

Drug cartels. Narco terrorism. Boat loads of precursor chemicals being shipped in from China to a processing plant just a little further south of the vacation paradise Puerto Vallarta. Imagine an entire country in Central America being run by the most ruthless gang imaginable, answerable to no one but themselves.

This isn't fiction. It's the reality I base my fiction on, and the research feeding into these unbelievable scenarios. Agent Hart Jones of the DEA has his work cut out for him, as do the countless men and women actively engaged on both sides of many borders. The "war on drugs" isn't going to end anytime soon.

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Works in Progress

Series: Hart Jones, DEA
EXCERPT:What Goes Around

EXCERPT:No Borders, No Boundaries

Unholy Alliance

Characters and Cartels

Exit Strategy

The Price to be Paid

Follow My Lead

Her Father's Daughter

Her Sister's Keeper


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