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My name is Cheryl Biswas. I am proudly Canadian, and I write thrillers with a hearty helping of romance. Political thrillers with psychological or criminal twists, or crime thrillers with a political edge, and then I add edgy romantic entanglements to complicate things even more. Big concepts, current issues, flawed heroes, wounded heroines, and intriguing villains weave themselves together in my over-active imagination, and it always starts when I ask "What if ..."

By day, I'm a happily married mom of three. By night, I'm an exhausted mom of three. And I have always been a writer. My earliest memories are of me scribbling stories in a book with crayons. At 5, I decided I would write books. It's just taken me a long and winding road to get from there to here. Better grist for the mill, I say. I can finally combine my degree in Political Science with my love of writing. It's kismet.




Works in Progress

Series: Hart Jones, DEA
What Goes Around
No Borders, No Boundaries
Unholy Alliance
Characters and Cartels

Exit Strategy

The Price to be Paid

Follow My Lead

Her Father's Daughter

Her Sister's Keeper


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